Welcome to Homeworker Hub

A community for home or remote workers, telecommuters or digital nomads, anywhere and everywhere.

A small group of homeworkers from all around the world, working across different disciplines and professions, decided to come together.

All too often overlooked, they felt that remote workers need to be seen and supported. They needed a hub – a water cooler to congregate by, a staffroom to decompress in, a conference table to ask questions around.

We are that small group of homeworkers, and Homeworker Hub is that place.

Whether you work from a home office, a spare room, a kitchen table or a beach in the tropics; whether you're part of a company or a solo-entrepreneur; whether you work from the same home location or move on every few months; Homeworker Hub understands that we're part of a bigger picture.

We are a community. We are a conversation. We are a constellation.

 Homeworker Hub is what would happen if the remote workers of LinkedIn all joined a Facebook group, but had the community spirit of Mumsnet. It is a guided virtual community space where location independent workers come together to meet, chat, swap stories, inspire and motivate one another.

The powerful software, powered by Mighty Networks, allows members to have full control over their experience. You can choose which topics and groups to follow, how to display your news feed, and who to connect with. The addition of the Mighty Network app means you can carry Homeworker Hub with you throughout your day, checking in at a time that works best for you.

So what can you expect from Homeworker Hub?
Right now there are:

  • weekly articles and discussions
  • polls and surveys
  • monthly themes 
  • live Zoom sessions to check in with one another
  • member chat and questions
  • themed webinars and presentations...

... As we expand, we're also planning extra features. Watch this space!


We bring together
home, remote, digital nomads and hybrid workers from all industries,
and at all stages of their careers

expand our networks and make meaningful connections across all sectors

so that we can
~ increase our visibility and value as a workforce,
~ have tangential conversations that spark amazing ideas and
inspire positive change,
~ and find support, direction and fun when we most need it.

Imagine yourself a year from now. Same job? Same pay grade? Same frustrations?

Now imagine yourself after a year with our community where you have met a huge range of professionals from a wide swathe of industries. You've swapped ideas, and stories. You've inspired each other. You've had enlightening debates and discussions, and you've learned from their experiences.

Through the engagement in our community, you've started thinking about the world in a different way. You are more confident; better connected; you bring a fresh perspective to your work. You're more motivated and effective at work and in your personal life.

This new energy may well translate into a pay rise or promotion. You may have the confidence to apply for a role with another company. From conversations in the community, you may be inspired to go back to school.

Our big purpose is to help make these things a reality, all the while raising the profile of remote workers and making sure that inspiring conversations flow.

You never know where you could be a year from now. 

We are a growing community with a mission to make sure that remote and homeworkers stay visible. We want to support each other, swap tips and homeworking hacks, highlight opportunities for advancement, and change our working lives for the better.

But it's more than that. By joining together and expanding our networks across industries, oceans and experience levels, our members have access to a wealth of information and ideas that would otherwise be inaccessible. This cross-pollination of professions makes Homeworker Hub a catalyst for inspiration and world-changing ideas.

We're on a journey together.  Will you join us?

Thank you to all of our guest bloggers and contributors, to our members and affiliates.  Without your support, engagement and voices we would just be shouting into the wind.





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